The whole world is on the edge of a terrible shortage of doctors. It is predicted that in the USA, by 2032, there will be a shortfall of 121,900 physicians. Currently, telehealth provides the promise of mitigating the impact of this lack of supply of healthcare professionals and reduced access to healthcare services. Every reputed Doctor On-demand App Development Company in New York makes it possible for the healthcare providers and patients to avail seamless services through telehealth app. It opens doors to new possibilities where healthcare providers can expand their coverage of services. However, this will add a more meaningful impact on the population with abrupt results.

Telehealth Apps offers a complete branded telemedicine solution. This reflects the authenticity of the medical services and ensures the practice of extensive telemedicine securely. HIPAA compliant telehealth apps are easy to deploy, use, and integrate. It also allows customization of fields and templates as per requirement. This makes healthcare services smooth and hassle-free to both the patients and the healthcare providers.

Why do you need a telehealth app?

Easy scheduling: The app enables the patients to get convenient and faster scheduling. Also, it allows them to modify their appointment according to their suitable time. This also sends reminders through email or notification about the appointment.

Secure messaging: Telehealth app allows the doctor and patient to interact through text-based messages in real-time. This can be done before, during, or after an appointment which can be really helpful.

Customizable workflows: Telehealth app makes it easy to maintain current office workflow for scheduling, charting, and billing as per the required information and fixed objectives.

Live audio or video consultation: This app enables a two-way face-to-face consultation on a computer or mobile with high-quality video and audio. This makes the app even more convenient for the patients as well as the doctor and saves time too.

Patient onboarding and charting: The app provides consolidation and integration of electronic data and streamlines patients’ records in an advanced automatic way.

E-prescribing and medication history: Healthcare professionals are enabled to send prescriptions to the participating pharmacy electronically for the patients’ convenience. This helps to avoid the chance of loss of handwritten prescription and also serve the purpose of social distancing.

Billing and payment: The app also enables seamless billing solutions through different payment gateway in compliance with various Medicare reimbursements. Therefore, payment for treatment becomes more secure and easier.

How does a telehealth app work?

By adding customization elements, Telehealth App Development Company in New York has made the working of the telehealth app smooth and easy. You need to follow just three simple steps and it’s done. These are:

● Registration on telehealth apps by the patients.
● Approach to expert doctors on the app after searching for their problems.
● Answers will be provided by the doctors via chat, video calls, etc. and will be paid instantly.

How to ensure that your telehealth app is HIPAA compliant?

Most of the Telehealth App Development Company in USA offers a customized app that is also HIPAA compliant. However, it is not possible to overestimate the importance of HIPAA compliance in telemedicine apps. The hacking of protected health information results in huge penalties and also harms the reputation of the healthcare providers. However, the rapidly changing technology makes the technical safeguards a little bit confusing to understand the importance of making the app HIPAA compliant. Here are a few proven measures that make the telehealth app HIPAA compliant:

1. Protecting patient information in cloud or on-premises and transmission within the network should be done. This is possible by maintaining strong in-transit data encryption standards.

2. Restricting data access control measures by setting up user roles, user authentication, action permissions, access rights, and automatic logoff. This ensures the privacy of a video conference or text messaging between patient and doctor.

3. It is important to check if the Telehealth App Development Company in New York provides vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, and continuous system monitoring of all transmitted and stored data. This needs to be checked to make sure that your telehealth app is HIPAA secured.

4. Making a signed business associate agreement with the software provider makes the vendor accountable for any patient privacy violation and disclosure of patient health information. Therefore, makes your telehealth app more secure and HIPAA compliant.


Recent data says 71% of patients prefer telemedicine and 95% of patients confirmed that they had a great experience of e-visit. Based on these statistics it can easily be concluded that telehealth apps are worth the attention. They can bring improved access to care, enhances the efficiency of the medical staff, reduces the costs, and also provides tangible benefits.

However, developing a telehealth app has a few peculiarities including thorough business analysis, rigorous quality assurance, user-friendly UI/UX design, reliable data security, and smooth backend integration. Only a reputed Telehealth App Development Company in New York can meet all these requirements and offer you a perfect HIPAA compliant telehealth app.