Today beauty services have been considered as one of the most profitable business ventures. The beauty industry has been developing rapidly. According to recent research about $3,756 is spent yearly by a woman only for beauty services. It is a huge figure indeed. Moreover, people find it more comfortable to avail of all the beauty services in the comfort of their homes. The beauty service providers are also giving flexible services to pamper the users and expand their customer base. So, if you are in this industry and are juggling to get more business out of it then it’s time to get the help of an optimized on-demand beauty services mobile app development.

Now, whether you are an expert in hair styling, makeover, or skincare – streamlining your services in an app can make managing the business easier. Now, some may ask why do the users opt for a beauty app? From the point of reducing the stress factor of the clients and the stylists, these are a few reasons to choose an app for the business. Here we discuss a few of the reasons for which you may think about developing an app and contact a beauty and wellness mobile app development company in New York, USA.

  • User convenience makes the customers rely on the app for their beauty services and helps you to gain loyal customers in a short time.
  • Availing the services via the app is very cost-effective as the customers don’t have to travel to the salon to avail services or in some cases you don’t have to invest in an elaborate set-up of a salon as you can provide service at the customer’s home.
  • Customer retention rate gets higher as you can arrange for suitable schedules for each customer and you don’t have to make the customer wait to avail of any service.
  • As the customer can choose the stylist after reviewing their profiles it is more likely to get returning customers if quality service is delivered.

So, if you are thinking of investing in an on-demand beauty services mobile app development for your business let’s look for the unique must-have features of it that can enhance your sales and get better ROI.

1. The list of services to avail

Most of the salons nowadays don’t restrict themselves to just hair cutting or facial treatments, they also offer extensive beauty services like scalp treatment, laser hair removal treatment, pigmentations treatment, spa therapy, etc. Therefore, keeping a gallery of each service you provide would help you to advertise your salon.

The app must keep a segment in the main navigation menu and there you must keep photos and videos of the services. The clients also must be given options to save and book their desired services from their wish lists.

2. Price list of the offered services

You must keep transparency with your clients and the best approach is to maintain a general price list of your services in the app. This will help the users in comparing the charges and services with your competitors. With this, things will get more appealing by providing additional options of combo packages, discounts, seasonal offers, etc.

3. Appointment booking facility

This is a basic must-have feature for any beauty app. It enables the clients to book their appointments in a hassle-free manner. For this feature, the app should have an in-built calendar where the customer chooses the suitable date. Then booking options take them to a form where they will mention the services to avail with time and date. This form can further enable the client to choose a preferred stylist and leave a message for him/her. This option may also register any first time customer.

To make sure that a customer doesn’t miss any pre-booked appointment, you may further add a process of taking a token amount as booking advance by asking the credit card details of the client. This will confirm the appointment and even if the customer misses it, you don’t have to suffer a complete loss.

4. In-app payment facility

This is another important feature that must be included in the beauty app. However, you have to be flexible about payment portals like Braintree, PayPal, Stripe, etc. You must accept all kinds of debit and credit cards and additionally, you have to give options for different online wallets.
You need to handle the transactions from the admin panel of the app. The payment flexibility ensures client satisfaction.

5. Customized individual accounts for users

This is a very special and crucial feature for a beauty service app. This feature allows the users to keep a track of their details and you can be more specific of your client’s needs and recommend services according to their profile.
Also, this feature enables the users to book an appointment according to their suitable time and with their preferable stylist.
These are the main 5 features that your beauty services app must include. Here we have some more handy features that may further help you to enhance the performance of the app.

  • Inserting the GPS technology will help your clients to locate your salon easily and with Geofencing you can attract more specific clients.
  • Providing a dedicated discount or offer section will encourage more clients to avail of your specialized services.
  • You may include push notification service for better marketing of your business.
    Dedicate a section for Style of the Day/Style of the week where you can showcase your work for advertisement.

The advantages of having a beauty app are far more lucrative than the expense of on-demand beauty services mobile app development. It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is, an attractive app with solid features will always fascinate more clients towards your business.